Medical Representatives Registration and Recording System
Date:Jul 19, 2019

Promoting Sales Personnel and Implementing Registration and Recording System

Recently, the Affiliated Hospital of Jiujiang University held a warning interview for suppliers of medical devices and health consumables in 2019. More than 20 representatives of medical devices and health supplies enterprises and heads of functional departments such as discipline inspection and supervision office, equipment department, fashion office and security department attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the vice-president made it clear that all personnel engaged in the promotion and sale of medical devices and consumables in our hospital must implement the registration and filing system, carry out relevant business activities in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Health and Health Commission and hospitals, and prohibit such activities as propaganda and promotion of equipment, consumables in hospital doors (emergency) and clinics in wards.

At the same time, the meeting requires hospitals to put on-line high-value consumables traceability system to achieve the whole process of hospital consumables closed-loop fine management. Suppliers should learn from the industry's lessons, practically achieve industry self-discipline, keep the legal bottom line, and resolutely eliminate illegal ways of marketing medical devices and consumables such as "rebate" or "commission". Strictly crack down on commercial bribery in the field of Medicine Purchasing and selling. If problems are found, we will never tolerate them and check them out.

Finally, more than 20 medical equipment and sanitary material suppliers and their business representatives signed the Agreement on the Purchase and Sale of Medical Devices and Sanitary Materials with hospitals.

According to the public data, the clinical medical college/affiliated Hospital of Jiujiang University was founded in 1877. It is the first Western Hospital in Jiangxi Province. Now it has developed into one of the largest third-class first-class general hospitals in Jiangxi Province, which integrates medical treatment, teaching, prevention and rehabilitation.

Although this request is mainly related to equipment representatives, hospitals generally do not specialize in "targeting" medical equipment representatives. Probably in the near future, medical representatives will also implement the same system.

Pharmacokinetic Registration and Filing, National Landing

When it comes to the registration and filing system, more medical representatives are involved. Similar practices have been implemented in hospitals all over the country.

In June this year, Zhejiang Haining Women's Insurance Hospital held regular reception activities for medical representatives and equipment representatives to prevent sellers from "one-to-one" private contacts with relevant departments and responsible persons. Before the reception day, the medical representatives and instrument representatives must fill in the registration form, and be registered, reviewed and evaluated by the Equipment and Pharmaceutical Departments.

In September 2018, Zhejiang Hospital issued a notice that all medical representatives who come to the hospital to carry out business-related work must register with the Ministry of Medical Services (drugs) or the Ministry of Medical Engineering (equipment and equipment consumables), and receive and wear the Record Certificate of Medical Equipment Representatives of Zhejiang Hospital.

Medical representatives who have not been registered or have not worn the record-keeping documents shall not be received by the hospital departments or individual staff members; any staff and workers who do not wear the documents may stop and report to the medical places.

On July 1, 2018, Beijing Haidian Hospital issued a circular saying that in order to further strengthen the construction of hospital style and standardize the management of medical production, operation and reception, according to the relevant requirements of municipal, district and health and family planning departments. From now on, the hospital will receive and register the staff, representatives and agents of the visiting pharmaceutical production and operation enterprises as a whole.

After boarding in the Discipline Inspection and Audit Office, the personnel of each company should contact the Medical Equipment Department for specific business. They are not registered in the Discipline Inspection and Audit Office. The related personnel should not enter the key areas of the hospital (such as outpatient clinic, ward, laboratory, examination room, etc.). The hospital staff should not use any reason. Receive associates.

In May 2018, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University of Shanghai Third-Class A Hospital launched an appointment filing system for representatives of pharmaceutical enterprises. Representatives of pharmaceutical enterprises need to go through four steps: registration, landing, visiting registration and visiting notes. The basic requirements are as follows: one must have three, wear a work card, and the reception place should avoid the clinic and ward; Behavior has done a deduction mechanism, accumulated full 12 points, stop purchasing enterprise products.

The national version of the record-keeping system will be introduced soon?

From last year to this year, the news about the upcoming national version of the medical representative filing system has been circulating in the industry.

The latest news comes from August 23, 2018. Nine ministries and commissions, including the State Health and Health Commission, the State Medical Insurance Bureau, the State Administration of Market Supervision and the Ministry of Public Security, jointly issued "Key Points for Special Governance to Correct Malpractices in the Field of Medical Purchase and Sale and Medical Services in 2018". The document mentions that this year (2018) the implementation of "Medical Representatives" will be promoted. Measures for the management of archival filing (for trial implementation).

According to the time schedule, a formal version of the filing system should be introduced at this time, but the current situation is that hospitals have followed up one after another throughout the country, but it has not yet begun to implement in a large scale.

There was a view in the industry that under a series of combinations such as 4 + 7, Ministry of Finance inspection of sales fees, two-vote system, the space for medical representatives to carry gold sales is constantly being compressed. At this time, the introduction of the filing system does not need to be so urgent.

To put it another way, even if there is a record system, it will not immediately clear the source of the original, all kinds of hidden interest transmission and rebate links will continue to exist for a long time.

At this time, the state directly starts with 4 + 7 and checks the sales expenses of pharmaceutical enterprises, reduces the marketing expenses of pharmaceutical enterprises, and at the same time, makes a thorough study of the pharmaceutical costs, profits and expenses of enterprises again - these measures may have more obvious effects.